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"Everything So Beautiful" - A KenK CD

Coming out Feb 15th is the new KENK album “Everything So Beautiful“. It contains ten original songs and features musicians Kenny Passarelli, Clay Kirkland, Phil Jenson, and Marco DiFerreira, as well as KENK’s two sons Justin and Kyle. The album was produced and engineered by Grammy winner, Clark Hagan. It was mixed by Tim Stroh at Madhouse Recorders in Leadville, CO and mastered at Masterfonic in Nashville. Fun stuff!

“This is an interesting collection of songs. Some have been around for a while, even recorded before. Others have been uncovered, brushed off and polished up. Still others are just as rough as they were the first time I sang them.” KenK.

These particular songs have been part of hundreds of live music yoga classes that KENK and Justin Kaliszewski - Co- Founder of OUTLAW Yoga - have shared with thousands of yogis over the past three years. Over time many of the songs were incorporated into classes, and and grew to be an all-original, rocking live music yoga class.

“Many of the songs were written 15 to 20 years ago, however the messages still resonate with people, and it came to fruition in the yoga studio.

BUT DON’T THINK THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT YOGA MUSIC! It is the gritty rock and roll, foot tappin’, sing-along songs you would expect from KENK. Songs that make you smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing yoga or sitting in a chair, riding in a car or running on a treadmill, drinking beers and jamming out or laying on a beach in the warm sunlight. It’s all good. Plug it in. Turn it up.

**PLEASE NOTE - CD's will ship February 16th, 2015**


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