Outlaw Yoga

I recognized recently that marijuana has become something of a crutch for me… 

I'm sometimes a pretty happy guy. I've also been-- as of lately-- A sad and at times a mad.  I am not immune to life's ups and downs, it's round and round. My mind, like yours, and Robin Williams… fills my brain with nonsense and compels me to act from a place that is less then integrity, one that-- ultimately-- is not me.


Brain - organic computer loaned  to us at birth


Mind - social program forcibly loaded into brain since birth 


Consciousness - the gift that is you before birth and beyond


Now here's where my marijuana use comes in. It, like physicality and meditation, can be a productive tool to quiet the mind in order to create space within which we can more consciously and productively rewire the brain. An effective weapon in the fight against the mind, marijuana can also -- again, just like our yoga practice -- become a crutch at times, or at best a shield against the onslaught of the mind in uncertain times. 

In those times it remains a unique discipline, a bold choice on the part of any General, to recognize when one weapon has become dull -- or made you dull, as it were -- and to employ another.

Recognizing this in regards to my marijuana use I will be abstaining from ashing, pausing my passing, subtracting my smoking, and purposefully harshing my mellow for the next seven days.
God help us all…
I haven't been seven days sober in the last seven years. I wonder what it's even like…
You might wonder at which weapons are or are not serving you in your own unique fights? But no matter what you do, know that we're here for you, even when we're not near to you...

Know that you are not alone on this path.


Written by Justin Kaliszewski — December 12, 2014


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