Outlaw Yoga

The Practice of OUTLAW Yoga is Based on Five Foundations

1. Cultivate Mindfulness on and off the mat.
2. Do the Discipline of your personal practice.
3. Choose Boldness in yoga and in life.
4. Find Acceptance for old ways of being by breaking though to new possibilities.
5. Create Connection in the studio and beyond.

Want to 'Get Your Outlaw Yoga On'?



  Founding Outlaw Justin Kaliszewski Brings It...
At the Flagship OUTLAW Yoga Studio in Littleton, Colorado on these dates and times:
Tuesday - 5:30pm
Wednesday - 7:00pm
Thursday - 5:30pm
Friday - 12:00pm
Justin is a reformed meat-head and former amateur cage fighter.  He brings a lifetime of travel and world's worth of experience in battling the ego to the mat.
An avid student, artist, and treasure hunter; he infuses a creativity and perseverance into his teachings, along with a distinct blend of humor and wisdom that redefines what it means to be an Outlaw and a yogi.  A nomad at heart, you can also catch him as he tours the country teaching Outlaw Yoga in studios, at festivals, and in guest appearances.
        To talk about bringing him or the whole Outlaw Crew to a studio near you, contact Mark at Mark@outlawyoga.com.
But don't say we didn't warn you!

To get a copy of his book OUTLAW Protocol - how to live as an Outlaw without becoming a criminal; click HERE



Founding Outlaw Mark Stefanowski Brings It...

In Boulder and Denver, Colorado at multiple studios.

Mark's regular class schedule is:

Tuesday - Radiance Power Yoga Boulder - 5:30pm 
Second and Fourth Sundays - Oskar Blues Tasty Weasel Taproom - 10:30am 
Third Sunday - Sanitas Brewing - 10:30am
For more information or location details check out radiancepoweryoga.com

Mark is animal loving, Harley riding, Hell Raiser who has the privilege to teach yoga.  A hard working Midwesterner that now makes his home in the ‘bubble’ of Boulder, CO he will be glad to teach yoga anywhere at anytime to anyone.  He believes that the practice of yoga should be Powerful, Bold and Fun and challenges you to join him in his Outlaw ways.

Contact Mark at mark@outlawyoga.com.






Outlaw Yoga Teacher Megan Zamora Brings It...

At the Flagship OUTLAW Yoga Studio in Littleton Colorado.

Megan's regular class schedule is:
Monday - 12:00pm
Wednesday- Mediation Class - 4:00pm
Wednesday - Beginner Class - 5:30pm
Friday - Beginner Class - 5:30pm
Within just a few months of committing to a consistent yoga practice, Megan Zamora shed 80 pounds and found the acceptance and love for herself that she had been desperately needing. She came to her first yoga class trapped in years of self-hatred and insecurity, which had produced an eating disorder that dominated her life. Presented with a new sense of possibility through yoga, Megan discovered that wellness comes from within – from a commitment to feeling good. She took up the challenge of cultivating disciplined mindfulness, especially around the way she talks to herself and her daily dietary habits. She has made the bold choice to accept herself – to celebrate, to find contentment, and even joy with exactly where she is in this moment. In allowing for this inward connection for the first time, she now feels worthy of connecting to others, and that has set her free. Come with her.
Step on the mat and explore, expand, accept…

Contact Megan at megan@outlawyoga.com


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